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Young People Sessions and Spaces

As well as our core youth spaces, we hold spaces for young people of colour in schools and youth group settings to explore 'race', racism, identity and other topics important to each group. These can be one off, or a series of up to 6 sessions. Session topics that regularly come up in our youth spaces include:

    Sharing and celebrating culture

    Solidarity between young people of colour


    Stereotypes and microaggressions

    Resistance to racism and self care

    Racism and social media

    Navigating intersecting identities

For more information on our youth spaces and/or to explore booking some in for young people of colour you work with, please email info@kidsofcolour.com

Advocacy and Campaigning

We work to actively challenge racism, and offer advocacy support to young people of colour (individuals or groups) and families. The majority of advocacy requests look for support with the education system, police violence, or the criminal injustice system. We use our position and expertise to put pressure on institutions and organisations, offer guidance, and connect people to our legal networks.

As an organisation, we remain independent from the police so you can trust the integrity of our advocacy work. In practice, this includes (but is not limited to) not working in partnership with them, not taking funding connected to them, and avoiding communication with them where legally possible. Our interactions with the police are limited to intervening if witness to their harm, or supporting young people in their custody.

To request our support, get in touch. You may just be looking to share your experience, and you can use our reporting form for that too.

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