A project for young people of colour to explore 'race', identity and culture

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Kids of Colour is a project for young people of colour aged 25 and under to explore ‘race’, identity and culture. We create spaces for young people to feel supported, validated and celebrated, while also working to challenge the racism that affects young people and their communities; building collective resistance and solidarity.

We work across the communities of Greater Manchester, and are led by a small, part-time team.

More About Us
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Upcoming events

We host one-off and regular events and activity.

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Our Work

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Young People: Get Involved

We have lots of different ways for young people to get involved, from attending youth spaces to platforming your voice.

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Boys and Love

We have a new project called 'Boys and Love', which looks to be a journey of self-fulfilment, healing and joy as we explore the theme of ‘love’ together.

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Advocacy and Campaigning

We work to actively challenge racism, and offer advocacy support to young people of colour (individuals or groups) and families.

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Young people's voices

Via our YouTube, Blog and events, we offer a platform for young people of colour to explore 'race', identity and culture and challenge the everyday, institutionalised racism that shapes their lives.

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