Kids of Colour

A platform for young people of colour to explore race, identity and culture and challenge the everyday, institutionalised racism that shapes their lives


We want to inform society on the diverse experiences belonging to young people of colour, humanizing them and challenging the narrative that makes them one-dimensional. We want to build a picture of how they are affected by everyday, micro-aggressive and institutional racism.


Kids of Colour is led by Roxy Legane, who has worked in the youth and charity sector since 2013. She set up Kids of Colour in 2018, tired of the way society represents young people of colour homogenously and its failure to recognise their experiences of racism.

Racism in Education: Pressure Group

It has become clear to Kids of Colour that an independent pressure group must form in Greater Manchester. This is a platform for young people, parents or guardians to report incidents of overt, micro-aggressive or structural racism affecting young people in educational institutions. We want to build a picture in order to challenge, and where possible, offer support through our networks. You can remain anonymous.

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If you are a young person of colour, aged 24 and under, we would love to hear from you. You do not have to have done this kind of thing before, we will help you explore what you want to share. All experiences are valuable, and your insights are important.


We are always looking for ways to progress our project, or partner with interesting people and organisations out there! If you would like to offer your expertise or support our work, please get in touch.